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औद्योगिक 2D लेजर मार्किंग मशीन

Industrial 2D Laser Marking Machine
औद्योगिक 2D लेजर मार्किंग मशीन
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    Industrial 2D Laser Marking Machine

    Features :

    • Ÿ  20WYtterbium Fiber Laser
    • Ÿ  High Performance Galvo Scanner.
    • Ÿ  Excellent Beam Quality.
    • Ÿ  Software compatible with CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP etc.a variety of software output files.
    • Ÿ  Support PLT, AI, DXF, BMP and other documents, Support automated coding, serial number, batch number, date, bar code and two- dimensional code marking.
    • Ÿ  1kvA UPS Sufficient
    • Ÿ  Z Movement motorized
    • Ÿ  Low Power Consumption
    • Ÿ  Low Maintenance

    Laser Specification
                            Laser Type                          :     Yb Doped Fiber Laser (Diode Pumped)
                            Make                                  :     SPI Laser
                            Wavelength                         :     1060 -1070 nm
                            Output Power                      :     20W
                            Laser Life(MTBF)                :     45,000 Hrs.
                            Pilot Beam                          :     Red Diode
                            Cooling                               :     Not Required In Built Air Cooling
                            M2                                      :     ≤1.4
                            Peak Pulse Power                 :     10KW@1KHz


    Galvo Specification
                            Effective Marking Area              :     110mm x110mm or180mm x 180mm.
                            Repeatability                            :     ± 3-µ
                            Accuracy                                  :     ± 3-µ
                            Marking Depth                         :     50 micron - 500 micron (Multi Pass)
                            Marking Speed                         :     6-8 Character of 3mm height on SS in less then <<1 Sec
                            Minimum Character Height      :     0.3mm
                            Pointing Stability                     :     Excellent
                            Beam Roundness                      :     Excellent

    Hardware & Software
                            Display                             :     14 Inch LCD Screen
                            Operating System              :     Windows XP, Windows 7 or Latest Version.
                            Marking Software             :     ScanMark
                            Z Axis                               :     DC Motorized.

    Power Requirement
                            Electricity                         :     Single Phase 230 V AC, 50Hz.
                            Power Consumption           :     250W

    Physical Appearance
                            Colour                              :     Siemens Grey & VIP Blue
                            Safety                               :     Laser Safety Cover Between Operator and Galvo Scanner.
                            Weight                              :     80kg.
                            Job Loading                      :     Manual

    Environmental Condition
                            Ambient Temperature       :     25°C
                            Note                                :     Requires Dust free Environment

                            M.S, S.S, Al, Brass, Cu, Anodized Plate & Painted Aluminum Tags, Many Plastic, Label Hardened
                            Tool, Bearing, Electrical Switches etc.

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    • 10-15 प्रति महीने
    • 1 महीने
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