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TDLS CD Drilling Machine

TDLS CD Drilling Machine
TDLS CD Drilling Machine
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      Tablet Drilling Laser System

      What is Tablet Laser Drilling?
      Unlike traditional drilling, laser drilling to a limit is basically an advanced process of making precise & accurate holes by using a laser. Laser drilling machine is mainly used for making small and precise holes in numerous shapes and also in a comprehensive range of materials up to a thickness of 4-5mm. In laser drilling process, using a laser of high power ensures superior drilling of holes in many engine parts. Drilling of diamonds, pharmaceutical tablets, strainers, low filters and guide vanes are possible with the help of a well equipped laser drilling machine.

      Benefits of Tablet Drilling?
      Laser drilling machine is used to make holes in various materials like plastics, wood, ceramics, pharmaceutical tablets and metals. Small diameter holes can be produced with the help of this machine with the precise accuracy. Flexibility, durability, reliability and versatility are some of the salient features of a laser drilling machine. It is a non-contact process with high accuracy, speed and effective results. For e.g. In flexible plastic or coating materials laser drilling will maintain hole diameter is maintained without collapsing, unlike traditional process.

      Why it is used?
      Laser drilling machine serve their purpose in sectors like pharmaceuticals, aerospace, power, electronics, textile machinery and many other manufacturing industries. Laser drilling machine has the capability to drill small and precise holes upto 4-5mm thickness. In packaging industry also, this machine is in great demand and use. Percussion drilling is considered to be a perfect choice for drilling holes in thicker materials. Micro-hole drilling is the best yet cost effective ways of drilling small and precise holes. Laser Drilling application is now being widely used in the Pharmaceutical Industry and Scantech Laser in One of the Pioneer of this technology worldwide. Here we have Tablet Drilling Laser Application specifically designed for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

      Our Achievement in Tablet Drilling Laser System?
      Scantech took challenge of making tablet drilling laser system for sustain release of drug in the year 2006, since than we have not looked back. And now Scantech is Pharmaceutical Industry’s preferred choice for Tablet Drilling & Tablet Printing Laser System worldwide.

      How the Process works?
      The system is basically a rotating disk with capability of conveying tablets from the hopper to the laser  drilling station, as shown in the Tablet Drilling Process Diagram.


      • Robust design
      • Precise Drill Location
      • CFR 21 Compliant & CE Certified
      • Exceeds Six-Sigma criteria
      • 4 Level of Security
      • GMP, Poka-yoke
      • Lowest contact area
      • High speed production with dual lasers
      • Flexibility
      • Superb beam quality
      • Reliability, Durability
      • Low Maintenance & Cost effective
      • Wide range of models


      Tablet Drilling Laser System TDLS M70C TDLS M100C TDLS D100C TDLS M150C TDLS D150C
      Laser Type CO2 Tablet Drilling Laser
      Laser Power (W) 50 100 200 300 400
      Wavelength (nm) 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6
      Peak Power (W) 70 100 100x2 150 150x2
      Technology Sealed off, RF excited
      Gas Life 20,000 Laser Hrs.
      System Rotating Disk
      Disc Material Food grade Acrylic

      Disc Interchange time 5 Minutes

      Disc Drive DC Motor AC Servo motor
      Focus Motorized Focus
      Disc Area 900 mm
      Height 1700 mm 2300 mm 2500 mm
      Weight 900 950 1250 1150 1325 Kg
      Disc Variants 3 Discs 2 Discs 3 Discs
      Up-gradation feasibility No Yes (to D100C) Yes (to D100C) No Yes (to Dual 150C) No
      Camera Inspection No No
      Fume Extractor Yes (up to15 cfm suction)
      RTLF Inspection Yes
      Index Sensor Yes Yes
      Color Sensor Yes Yes
      Empty Bin Sensor No Yes
      Machine Input Voltage 180 - 250V AC @ 60 Hz - 1 Phase 280 - 440V AC @ 60 Hz - 3 Phase
      Chiller Input Voltage 180 - 250V AC @ 60 Hz - 1 Phase 280 - 440V AC @ 60 Hz - 3 Phase
      Total Current 25 Amps 30 Amps 15 Amps 25 Amps 30 Amps
      Main Unit Foot Print Area (L x W x H) 2.2m x 2.2m x 2.2m
      Chiller Foot Print Area N/A 1m x 1m
      Padestial Foot Print Area N/A 0.5m x 0.5m
      Feeder Foot Print Area N/A 0.8m x 0.8m
      Inspection Table Foot Print Area N/A 2mx 2.2m N/A 2mx 2.2m



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